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Actions Technology and RØDE: Innovating Together


With the rapid growth of industries such as short videos, vlogs, and live streaming, there has been a surge in popularity for lightweight and portable wireless microphone products that offer freedom and convenience. RØDE, as the pioneer of wireless wearable microphone systems, has been a leading brand in high-quality advanced wireless microphones for over a decade. Their Wireless Go series of wireless microphones has consistently won favor among creators and video professionals, thanks to its convenient wireless audio reception that enhances the recording experience.

The Wireless GO™, released in 2019, was the world's first ultra-compact wireless microphone system, revolutionizing audio for creators. And then the Wireless GO II™, introduced in 2021, further innovates compact wireless audio devices with next-generation features. Following that, the Wireless ME offers a brand-new bidirectional recording experience with built-in microphones in both the receiver and transmitter.

RØDE has recently launched a groundbreaking new wireless microphone called the Wireless Pro, designed specifically for filmmakers and content creators. RØDE describes it as "The Most Powerful Wireless Mic Ever." The Wireless PRO is the ultimate wireless microphone, packed full of powerful features that offer incredible flexibility for recording pristine audio for your content.


Among them, the receivers and transmitters of Wireless Go II, Wireless ME, and Wireless Pro all adopt the advanced CPU+DSP dual-core architecture Bluetooth audio SoC from Actions Technology. The Actions® Bluetooth audio SoC has characteristics of low power consumption, low latency, high performance, and high sound quality.

RØDE and Actions hope that the two parties can continue to cooperate in depth and provide more professional and innovative terminal products for consumers and creators together.

About RØDE

RØDE is a global leader in audio technology with a mission to amplify the voice and vision of the world’s creators. RØDE is a uniquely Australian-owned and operated company with a passion for innovation, obsession with quality, and enduring commitment to making incredible audio accessible to everyone. RØDE has been at the forefront of creator technology, revolutionising everything from home studio recording to audio for filmmaking to podcasting with iconic products that continue to inspire.

About Actions Technology Co., Ltd

A leading Chinese low-power AIoT SoC designer, specializing in delivering high-quality and low-latency wireless audio experiences while maintaining low power consumption. Over the years Actions has developed a portfolio of IP involving Bluetooth communication, ADC/DAC, power consumption management, high-speed analog interface and audio processing. Customers can leverage Actions’ IP with complete hardware and firmware engineering tools to accelerate the development of end products using Actions IC chips.

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