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Leading the Trend on Your Wrist! ——With the New Generation of Smart Watch SoC ATS308X


Actions Technology has announced its new generation smartwatch platform , poised to set the trend on your wrist. The platform delivers a low-power, high-performance, and secure solution, extending battery life while upgrading the display effects.

Next-Gen Low-Power Technology The Dual-GPU Rotational Shift mode efficiently minimizes power consumption during screen-on scenarios, while maintaining a satisfactory user visual experience. The chip incorporates a sensor hub module, enabling autonomous collection and processing of sensor data without the need to wake up the main CPU. Furthermore, the chip features low-power PMU designs and enhanced power gating divisions. With lower operating voltage, the typical power consumption of the new second-generation smartwatch chip is approximately 20% lower than its predecessor across various usage scenarios.

Outstanding Graphics Performance

  • Hardware Acceleration

ATS3085S and ATS3089 leverage a dual GPU hardware acceleration configuration that seamlessly integrates 2D and 2.5D rendering. This innovative design greatly enhances graphics processing efficiency, delivering exceptional display performance without sacrificing power efficiency. Moreover, these chips incorporate optimized read/write acceleration hardware design, significantly improving GPU efficiency and bandwidth utilization for PSRAM.

  • JPEG Hardware Decoding

Introducing New JPEG Hardware Decoding: With a 50% increase in image compression ratio and a 100% improvement in image decoding speed, the newly added feature enhances the smoothness of the UI interface.

  • Video Dial

Leveraging Actions Technology's extensive experience and advanced technology in audio and video encoding/decoding, the integration seamlessly supports video decoding. This breakthrough enables smartwatch terminals to feature captivating video watch faces, elevating the watch face experience for consumers with a more dazzling and diverse range of options.

  • Better Audio Experience

Supports AI ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology. Leveraging Actions Technology's unique intelligent scene recognition, it rapidly identifies various communication scenarios and automatically selects the appropriate noise reduction model. This effectively eliminates environmental noise, preserves human voices more accurately, and improves the quality of sound transmission, resulting in stable and clear call and recording effects.

High Integration

Embedded charging module with path management, allowing for an increased charging current of up to 400mA. It also incorporates an internal LDO (Low Dropout Regulator) to provide a low-ripple output voltage, meeting the usage requirements of the heart rate sensor. Additionally, it includes 5 channels of load switches (1.8V/3.3V) internally. Higher integration with lower BOM costs can enhancing the product's market competitiveness.

Security Update

The introduction of technologies such as AES encryption engine, proactive tamper detection, CRC data transmission checksum, and hardware TRNG (True Random Number Generator), ensuring the security of personal information and privacy data. It supports real-time decryption and operates through PSA certification, with enhanced security mechanisms, it overall improves protection in areas such as identity authentication, access control, data security, and personal information protection.


The brand-new second-generation smartwatch chips from Actions Technology (ATS3085E, ATS3085S, and ATS3089) inherit the core technological advantages of the first-generation smartwatch chips. With a single chip, they achieve driving the display screen, running motion health algorithms, and supporting functions such as Bluetooth calling, local decoding, and Bluetooth music playback to TWS earphones.

In addition to that, the second-generation platform supports AI noise reduction, recording function, video watch faces, third-party applications, and WebAssembly technology. It provides richer peripheral interface resources, a more streamlined Bill of Materials (BOM), larger memory, and meets various personalized demands, among other leading advantages. Based on these features, the overall performance is more robust, while power consumption is lower.

Actions Technology aims to provide customers with leading, high-quality, and sustainable development platforms. It is committed to becoming a technology partner for customers, empowering intelligent wearable devices to deliver better and more convenient human-computer interactive experiences for users.

About Actions Technology Co., Ltd

Better chip, better audio visual life! Actions devotes its resources to developing SoCs for low power wireless communication, multimedia processing and other IoT technologies. Over the years Actions has developed a portfolio of IP involving Bluetooth communication, ADC/DAC, power consumption management, high-speed analog interface and audio processing. Customers can leverage Actions’ IP with complete hardware and firmware engineering tools to accelerate the development of end products using Actions IC chips. For more information, visit:

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